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How Africa’s Technology Revolution is Changing Perspectives on the Continent

A new report that includes the surveyed opinions of 4,500 Africans from Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana has revealed that the recent wave of technology innovation coming out of Africa is changing how Africans view the continent.

Fumani Mathumbu
Apr 18, 2023
7 mins to read
Evolution of the billboard: A look at the growth of digital billboards in SA

As we all know by now, the traditional billboard has evolved and we have seen a rapid expansion of digital roadside billboards in the South African urban landscape.

Fumani Mathumbu
Apr 18, 2023
27 mins to read
Cyril Ramaphosa signs highly-contested Electoral Amendment Bill into law

The new act provides for the amendment of the Electoral Act to allow independent candidates to contest provincial and national elections.

Mar 03, 2023
4 mins to read

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