Cyril Ramaphosa signs highly-contested Electoral Amendment Bill into law

The new act provides for the amendment of the Electoral Act to allow independent candidates to contest provincial and national elections.

The Constitutional Court found in June 2020 that exclusive party proportional representation could no longer be used and ordered parliament to correct the defect in the Electoral Act within 24 months. Parliament missed that deadline and was granted two extensions by the court last year.

The amended law now provides for the inclusion and nomination of independent candidates as contesters to elections in the National Assembly and provincial legislatures.

In a statement on Monday, Presidency spokesperson Vincent Magwenya said notable measures in the bill include:

  1. Requirements which must be met by people who wish to be nominated as independent candidates,


  1. The inspection of copies of lists of independent candidates and accompanying documents,


  1. Provision for objections to independent candidates,


  1. The inclusion of a list of independent candidates entitled to contest elections,


  1. Requirements for the appointment of agents by independent candidates,


  1. Obligation for independent candidates to abide by the Electoral Code of Conduct,


  1. A revised formula for the allocation of seats and their reallocation in the event of vacated seats and,


  1. Stipulation for the minister of home affairs to establish the Electoral Reform Consultation Panel within four months of gazetting the amendments.



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