Crisis Radar
Crisis Radar Gauteng, South Africa

Crisis Radar App will look at challenges identified as crises in a country and profile it for tracing and tracking its impact.

Welcome to Crisis Radar

Crisis Radar is an application created and developed by ATM Consulting based in South Africa with the professional coding provided by its partners. The application is developed to trace and track the spread and impact of crises in a country (South Africa) as compared to the world while providing support in a form of screening, testing methodologies, impact analysis, relief programmes, status alerts, continuous updates, details and information to the people of the country, business community, community-based organizations, private sector and the Government in general.

Crisis Radar is powered to do the following:

  • Trace and track the spread of crises throughout the country – focus on one crisis at a time

  • Profiling of perpetrators, victims, benefactors, beneficiaries, infected, affected, etc. 

  • Crisis Geographical Fencing

  • Crisis Organizational Fencing 

  • Crisis impact analysis – socially, economically, relationally, spiritually, career-wise, health-wise, by industry, by sector 

  • Show spread of crises across the country through development of a  crisis map

  • Give up to date and almost live statistics of crises  - screening, testing, spread, recoveries (solved), deaths (losses) according to their locations, times and dates

  • Show Danger Zones

  •  Social Relief Assistance platform for donors, distribution agents, service providers and beneficiaries

  • Show crisis trends

  • Show crisis back track


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